Lift-Fit Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

- About us
We are an agency specializing in videos of Fitness and swimwear Models. Small companies cannot afford to hire the big name fitness models from high profile modeling agencies to fulfill their needs.
They rely on us to provide quality fitness model prospects for their various projects. Everyone knows that the "FITNESS generation" is here and online businesses are experiencing explosive growth patterns. These companies need fitness models for their various projects and can't go through the more traditional means of time consuming interviewing to obtain their prospects. That's where we come in.
We search for models in all parts of the World. From interviewing the prospects to the final product. We handle everything for both the model and the client.
We are currently looking for models in all parts of the World to fulfill this need.
Women who have high quality and charm, strength and beauty. We are the new "fitness generation" modeling agency.
 - How to Become Represented
Please send us a snapshot or any pictures that you may have, electronically scanned images are fine or the old fashioned way. We will need to see Your muscle tone/figure. If you would like us to return pictures by mail, please include a SASE, otherwise we will not return the photo. We are looking for beautiful AND strong athletic looking females with a burning desire to work in the fitness industry. "Work" is the key word here. It is never easy and it is not something that is handed to you without effort on your part. Should we have an interest in you after receiving your pictures we will contact you. Be sure to give us contact numbers, email address, etc. If we contact you we may at that time ask for additional pictures followed by an invitation for a test shoot. We would then start to work. It is not necessary to re-locate. You would be based out of your city and country, although, booking assignments would require travel, most likely away from your home base. Every day our offices are receiving inquiries and opportunities for experienced and non-experienced fitness models. We have over the past seventeen years designed a very unique way of marketing our models thus making us one of the most experienced modeling agencies utilizing the enormous communicative powers of the world wide web. Once we have signed a model, one thing is for sure, that model will be presented to the world and then responsibly and productively managed thereafter throughout the contract duration.  Interested? Send us a photo.